"Learning to count is as important as learning to walk. "

Today, more than ever, learning to do math and think logically, is essential if today’s child is to be ready to meet the challenges of tomorrow’s world.

Our mission

Notre mission

As parents, our role is to prepare the child as well as possible, by giving them a thirst for learning and a taste for mathematics. KIDAIA makes this possible by responding to your child’s curiosity and by teaching them to play with mathematics to understand it better.

The best for education

Les meilleurs au service de l'éducation

To succeed in this mission, we brought together the best players in the field of technology and education: our partners are all certified experts in their field, the French Ministry of Education and above all our users, teachers, pupils and parents who, through their feedback, make KIDAIA progress to meet your expectations ever better.

Mathematics for all

Les mathématiques pour tous

Every child learns differently, whether they have particular difficulties or are quicker and want to keep progressing. That’s why KIDAIA adapts to each of its users so that your child can reach his or her full potential and love mathematics!


KIDAIA is an ambitious project, already adopted by hundreds of elementary school teachers all over France and thousands of families. To achieve this, we have chosen continuous improvement. Thus, you, as a user, have a major role in its development. By playing KIDAIA and telling us what you want, we will improve it and, step by step, we will succeed together in giving our children a taste for mathematics and helping them to become lifelong learners and creative problem solvers.

The adventure continues, will you take part?