Kidaia - Logiciel éducatif de 5 à 11 ans

For many children, mathematics remains abstract and thus becomes a source of anxiety and blockage.

So we asked ourselves:

How can we solve this problem ?

Every child learns differently, whether they have particular difficulties or are quicker and want to keep progressing.

That’s why KIDAIA adapts to each of its users so that your child can reach his or her full potential and love mathematics!

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My child plays
KIDAIA games


His level of exercise is adapted thanks to artificial intelligence


My child progresses at his/her own pace, without getting bored or discouraged

By making mathematics
visual and attractive

To do this, we appeal to children’s cognitive abilities and in particular to the visualisation of mathematical concepts.

It has been shown that the ability to visualise solids in a three-dimensional space, quantities by constellations of objects or calculations by variations of these same quantities, helps children to understand more complex mathematical concepts.

By removing the impact of
of other potential difficulties

For KIDAIA, we have developed several response modes :

A magic slate, which allows him to write it with his finger or the mouse

A keyboard, which allows the child to type the answer

Voice recognition, which allows him to speak his answer and thus interact directly with the teaching assistant.

This last feature is very interesting from a pedagogical point of view, because as with visualisation, verbalisation plays an important role in the memorisation and understanding of a concept.

Our mission :
Mathematics for all

It is in primary schools that every student discovers numbers and their applications.
Addition, subtraction, multiplication and division.
This fundamental learning will be useful throughout the school year.
This is why learning to count and, more broadly, to understand maths, is essential for the rest of his schooling. By using the Montessori pedagogy in our educational games, the child no longer associates maths with a boring and complicated activity, but rather with a playful, fun and interactive pastime.

Moreover, our maths games are 100% in line with the official curriculum of the French Ministry of Education. As parents, we are well aware that getting our children to do their homework after a day at school can be a complicated task.
In the age of “100% connected”, it seems normal that our children prefer to spend time on their screens rather than sitting at the table in front of an open book reciting their multiplication tables mechanically.

What if there was a solution that would turn this screen time into USEFUL screen time ?

This is KIDAIA’s mission: to develop the development of maths at home, by limiting screen time thanks to the holographic kit.

Web-application KIDAIA

To achieve this mission, we have brought together the best players in the field of technology and education.
Our partners are all recognised experts in their field, the French Ministry of Education and, above all, our users, teachers, pupils and parents, who, through their feedback, help KIDAIA to progress and meet your expectations ever better.

As parents, our role is to prepare our children as well as possible, by giving them a thirst for learning and a taste for mathematics.

KIDAIA makes this possible by responding to your child’s curiosity and teaching him or her to play with mathematics in order to better understand it.

KIDAIA is an ambitious project, already adopted by thousands of primary school teachers throughout France and thousands of families.


KIDAIA is built with you.

To achieve this, we have chosen continuous improvement.
For this, you, as a user, have a major role in its development. By playing KIDAIA and telling us what you want, we will improve it and, little by little, we will succeed together in giving our children a taste for mathematics and helping them to become lifelong learners and creative problem solvers.

No credit card required

KIDAIA is a web-application that can be accessed directly online through a web browser and therefore does not require installation.

*Web-application is short for “application software” in World Wide Web technology.
Web-applications should not be confused with mobile applications available in application shops.